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From 2014 onwards grants made by the Cheddar Youth Trust in the area of sporting achievement are awarded in the memory of Dick Edmonds a lifelong Cricketer and local sportsman. Click here for more information

The Dickie’s Diamonds Sports Achievement Awards


What is the Cheddar Youth Trust?


Cheddar Youth Trust is the new name of the the Cheddar Young People's Millennium Trust, a charity that was established in 2000 to mark the new millennium.


The Trust's purpose is to help and encourage the young people of Cheddar to take great pride in their community and their own endeavours, to:

CYT News



CYT Supper Night raises nearly £1200.

The Supper Night held at Cheddar Church House in aid of CYT on Friday 17th October 2014 raised nearly £1200, a great meal and superb entertainment were enjoyed by all.



Running a marathon in aid of CYT.

Cheddar based handyman Damian Mellor is running in the Bristol Half Marathon on Sunday 21st September 2014 to raise money for Cheddar Youth Trust. Donations can be made at Virgin Money Giving. Damian is also hoping to run in the 2015 London Marathon in aid of the trust, we all have our finger’s crossed that his application will be successful.



CYT Supper Night on 17th October.

The trust will be holding a Supper Night at Cheddar Church House on Friday 17th October 2014 comprising an excellent meal and a variety of contemporary entertainment. Tickets from Jennie Colton on 01934-742703 or Jan Rance on 01934-743932. More details to follow.



Over £100 raised by CYT Quiz Night

The Quiz Night at the Riverside Inn, Cheddar on 30th April raised over £100 for the trust.


Many thanks to the quiz master, Pulse Radio’s Nick Rickards, Huw Davies and the staff at the Riverside Inn.







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Assist young people in their educational, professional or vocational training.

Encourage young people to engage in service to the local community.

Support young people to engage in worthwhile activities in other parts of the United

Kingdom and overseas.  

Support the development or formation of any club or organisation catering for young

people's needs.

Help young people where real need can be demonstrated.

Why is the trust needed?


Unlike some towns and villages, Cheddar does not have any substantial inherited

trust funds available for distribution to such causes.  It is therefore the Cheddar Youth Trust's aim to raise a sum of money large enough so as to be able to make meaningful annual awards to the young people of Cheddar for perpetuity.  


The initial target was £100,000 but it was realised that in the long term a figure of around £300,000 will need to be reached, depending interest generated, if if the trust is to allocate grants each year of £5,000 or more. At present the trust is allocating around £2,000 a year to the young people of the Cheddar parish.


The Trust has raised over £85,000 as of January 1st 2013 and provided grants of over £15,000 to 140 young people.

Grant allocations reach £15,000


In the past 18 months the Cheddar Youth Trust has made grants of more than £4,000 to 29 applicants to help them across a wide range of areas.


In sport, in education and training in vocational and in academic subjects, in encouraging their service to communities here and abroad, to help where they are acting as representatives and to help those with courage in their disabilities.


For instance, the trust has assisted Ben and Toby Attwood in competing at national level in judo, Alice, Isaac, Jacob and Eleanor Coton with their music studies and Sophie Green as she becomes a junior associate of the Royal Ballet.


We supported other applicants with football and taekwondo courses, helped others with worthwhile projects to India, Mexico and Zambia and assisted another with books for university.


And for the first time we helped two groups working with young people. Kate Lynch, whose Cheddar Valley Voices have sung at our events, and the Cheddar Valley Instrument Support Group, which is backing the Ann Higgs, who has taught brass here for more than 30 years.


Target £300,000


In the 18 months up to the end of 2012 the Trust has received over £7,500 in unsolicited and much appreciated donations. The Chairman's aim to reach a target of £100,000 in his lifetime is nudging ever closer as there is over £85,000 in the base capital fund as of January 1st 2013. The plan is eventually over the next 50 years to establish a capital fund of £300,000 and thus be able to provide grants to Cheddar Young People of at least £5,000 each year to help them in their education, training and community service.


Keith Herring

Chairman of the Trustees - January 2013.

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