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From 2014 onwards grants made by the Cheddar Youth Trust in the area of sporting achievement are awarded in the memory of Dick Edmonds a lifelong Cricketer and local sportsman. Click here for more information

The Dickie’s Diamonds Sports Achievement Awards



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Cheddar Youth Trust Trustees

Telephone                            eMail                                                


01934 743495                      clivepanchaud @

01934 743256                      keithherring343 @

01934 742703                      pandjcolton @

01934 743932                      jan.rance @

01934 743048

01934 743932                      bruce.rance @

01934 744384                      sc @

01934 000000                      angela.carybrown @

01934 740048                      penelopeandjohn @

01934 744580

01934 743649                      stuart.burns01 @

*Mr Bruce Rance, Honorary Treasurer, CYT, Rochdale, Chicken Lane, The Barrows, Cheddar, BS27 3BG


Gareth Reynolds (Clerk to the Trustees)

The Clerk (CYT), BGW Solicitors, Bath Street Chambers, Bath Street, Cheddar, BS27 3AA


If you are interested in becoming a trustee of the Cheddar Youth Trust, please contact the Chairman, Clive Panchaud, using

the email address given above.



Clive Panchaud (Chairman)

Keith Herring

Jennie Colton (Secretary)

Jan Rance (Public Relations)

David Comber (Deputy  Chairman / Parish Council)

Bruce Rance (Treasurer)*

Simon Childs (Marketing / Website)

Angela Cary-Brown

Penelope Morgan

Corran Fineran

Stuart Burns (St Andrew’s Church)




Other contacts


The Kings of Wessex School                            Cheddar Village                                           


Sedgemoor District Council                              Cheddar Parish Council